(This post was written in my notebook. It is from ages ago.)

Yesterday in the nightclub I thought about how sound has a space dimension. Sound can be really physical and our perception of the space change complete according to its sound. Then I thought of Baan Bard community, the community in Rattanakosin Island that makes monks bowls. The first thing that I wrote in my notebook about this community was ‘sounds’.

The eight communities visited in Rattanakosin Island has the same characteristic of being hidden, they are located behind shophouses or big walls and the entrances are a narrow paths. One of the communities we entered by passing a door, it was really weird, entry a public space through a door, like ‘alice in the wonderland’ but behind the door it wasn’t the wonderland.

The production of the monks bowls echoes beyond the community. Sound is free and can travel to different places as smells do. The sound of the monk bowls reveals the importance of the community that lives there and can be the tool to cross physical barriers.

The community livelihood is being threat by industrial production of bowls, the manual technique is being forgotten. Physically both look exactly the same, you can only distinct the hand made one from the machine made by its sounds. Therefore the sound is the proof of their production and what guarantee their quality. Sound can be used in different manners.


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