The Structure of Space.

It was interesting to see one of Baan Mangkong project in Baan Poo site where people managed to build their own houses in a new location after an interesting process of organization through saving groups and negotiation their right to land. However, in spite of that such a process includes different element of transformation such as enablement and building the sense of community, but does the physical design outcomes are in good

It was frustrated to see one of this outcomes which was designed “with community” ended up with a liner row houses repeated all over the site and streets separate between different blocks. It is easy to see that design did not manage to go beyond the house itself and has nothing to do with social interaction within the community. In comparison, the dynamic of spaces in sites before relocation shows rich interaction between people and space.  it was interesting to  discovere the spaces in-between houses more than the houses itselves. And the question would be is it possible to come up with better design solutions under the same financial, density and land constrains?

I believe that esthetic values of architecture do not require extra money. The same I believe that proper design does not require extra lands. Also, community leading design does not guaranty the best solution within the same design constrains. Here the role of architect and urban designer locates.

Going beyond house is To Bridge architecture and urban design. This bridge is not only spatial element but it implies a social one. It is the relation between individual groups and how this individual interacts with his community.  In our site, the houses have unique interacts with its surrounding. Almost all houses, one move from public space “the pathway” to in-between space which is usually covered and have one  open side or more than one. People use this space as a  adaptation to the humid and hot weather also for social visual and interaction with their neighbors. beyond this space one moves to more private one which is connected  to other parts of house such as bed rooms, bath room and kitchen. If we explained design in this way it would be easier to draw a graph illustrates the relations between spaces and not the spaces itself. So understanding these relations is crucial to be reflected in any future design to keep and evolve the social interaction within the community.

such structural analysis can deepen our understanding to the relation between people and space. Also it provide guidelines for future design in case of relocation. therefore, i belive that, architects have the moral and professional responsibility to develope such a system in cooporation with community and be aware how to translate what community wants. if people people point to specific design solution that require deeper analysis to answer the question, why people choose this solution and then maybe help people to develope and understand the hidden reasone for that choice.


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Architect, Urban Designer. BUDD student. UCL
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