From the back of the bus, to atop an elephant… Where you come from.

While reflecting on the ‘people processes’ in Bangkok and Thailand, during an early morning chat over breakfast with Caren Levy I had a connective moment…  Although we were discussing Texas, my family and upbringing, specifically my ‘elders’ and the strides they’ve made to accomplish obstacles, when it all made a bit more sense in terms of identity for me.  Transformation and the ‘people process’ is in our legacies… our history (his-story), just as much as where we come from! Communities adapt and change over time it’s true, but often they don’t change in principles given the obstacles that shape those principles.  What people do change or adapt to, are those barriers – when people come together there is no greater rising and understanding of self determination! Unification of spirit and resources to promote a better future for the next generation is the true legacy.

Special thanks to my flatmate for typing this for me…

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