Transformation; Paving the way to citizenship.

Human being has never been alone. From this assumption, belonging to a society is one of the basic needs of human life. Being part of society means being part of its social, cultural,
economical and physical aspects of this society. Furthermore, the word being is a verb which implies an active and positive role of individual within the society. This is the utopia of society; individuals formulate group and group contain the individuals without any kind of oppression. Thus we build citizenship based on the relation between individual-group.

The inclusion and equity are two important concepts of citizenship. Neither inclusion nor equity can replace each other. While inclusion guaranty being the “part of”, equity guaranty an equal being.  Thus, these two concepts working together and integrate with each other to create better society. thus paving the way to citizenship is a new lense to look at transformation since it guaranty the ” equal being of”.


About tareqrazzouk

Architect, Urban Designer. BUDD student. UCL
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