First set of codes to de-CODI-fy space of Bangkok on various scales.

CODE #1. Find your ‘LOCAL’ (aka Dhrin). Break the barrier. Understand the culture. Try to learn the language.

CODE #2. Love for the KING. Visible on the wrists, in the window shops, every corner and has his own Urban Album. Buddha save the King.

CODE #3. Chao Praya RIVER. It’s all about the water. Everything is by the canals or close to canals. Pity you can’t really enjoy them, other than on a ‘river taxi’ ( watch out: water from the canal in your eye will cause a serious infection).

CODE #4. Temples are GOLD and colorful. You can see them (shine), you can smell them (incents), and you can hear them (ah, those monks..)

CODE #5. Essential. Always. Everywhere. In quantities. FOOD! Bangkok lives up to the expectations. You can eat at whatever time you want, almost whatever you want. Preferably something on a stick. Quick and efficient!

CODE #6. HOUSING. Different forms, densities, structures, communities, links. This is the CODE we need to crack. How on earth does that work?!

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