Getting exited about community again….continued

After yesterdays presumption that making a plan on what we will do at the community will not put our skills to a test I must say I have been proved wrong again. We have been so wrapped  conversation with the community leaders, community and CODI architects that we completely forgot on our strategy. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, I feel that today I got most of my questions answered….or at least got a few more questions highlighted. It was interesting to see that different people give you different answers for the same question and even the same person can give you different answer the next day. I assume that is partially due to translation and misunderstanding the question.

I interesting to unwrap the land ownership at one of the communities we visited. Yesterday we were told that the land is owed by two different actors but today it became clear – after a lot of questioning of different people – that it was owned by one actor. I learned the importance of double checking the information as sometimes people are not clear on information themselves.

So plan for tomorrow…..keeping in mind what information I need but be very flexible how to get it because it is very hard to keep the conversation going the way you want it to go. But I’m sure its a skill gained with experience.

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