People become the Solution, People are the Scale.

There is one image that today catalyzed my attention and moved a very deep strata of my soul: Sumsook surrounded by a plethora of community leaders, a professor of the faculty of Architecture of Bangkok, a representative of the city local authority, all united in explaining to us the mechanisms that transformed into reality what in other parts of the world is still an utopia: people become the solution, because people are the scale. Suddenly my eyes were full of tears that I could not control, the scene that was in front of me was extremely powerful, and brought back a series of memories, a mixture of nostalgia of past experiences and renovated strength for future challenges. The idea that people, and the connection among people, are the basis for a real change has always belonged to my perception and constitutes a strong and consistent element that guides any action, but sometimes it is really hard to keep that connection alive when everything else contrasts it, when great tensions threaten its existence. In that moment I was weak and strong at the same time, convinced that there is still a lot to learn.

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