Two Steps Forward One Step Back ~ Pre-trip Thoughts

Unlike many of the others who managed to get their blogs in print between group work / presentations / packing….. I did not.  But the long flight proved to be very productive…. no real life distractions, so time to reflect, think, process… with basic technology – pen and paper.  So… now I formalize my informal blog.

My most prominent thought at the moment is around our groups idea about irreversible.  Although I fully agree that transformation will not happen if the process/programme is rigid or does not continually adapt to the current circumstances.  But is irreversibility right?  In Buddhism (central to Thai culture), the only constant is change.  Nothing in life is really ‘reversible’ as life takes place over time, and so reversibility / irreversibility is really a myth.  And surely, irreversibility is not sufficient to describe the true essence of our intent.

Also related, ‘reversibility and time’.  A main characteristic of reversibility is it’s interrelationship with time.  So, over what period can we measure irreversibility (and transformation for that matter) – over 1 minute, 1 year, 1 decade or 1 lifetime….? It’s all and none, it’s two steps forward and one step back.  A constant struggle, but in the forward direction.

With CODI and the Baan Mankong Programme, one of their principle approaches is a recognition of progressive, iterative, adaptive change over time, and an openness to recognize that it may take some reverse steps or side steps to move towards transformation.  For some this is a ‘vague’ approach and hard to grasp, but so far so good for CODI.

Maybe one of the next topics I will think about is about the Buddhist ideas of ‘self’.

Thailand and Bangkok will truly be a deeply enriching experience, only 5 more hours to go… 🙂

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