The Unexpected

More I read about Codi more it seemed to me the best best best thing done for the urban poor in the latest decades. (I read a lot of Somsook articles so of course it is likely to have only positive points about the Baan Mankong Programme.)

Despite that I do believe that Baan Mankong is a good example how to tackle the urban poor and it should be used as a precedent. But I was wondering how it is going to be when we are there and have a close look.

Right now we know the programme only by photo, to meet a person in reality is complete different to know from photo. In profile pictures people chose their best angle and their best close, doesn’t show the wart. I feel the same about Baan Mankong.

The Ban Mankong programme is a spark for a serious of event. Somsook describes that with the upgrading you build social cohesion, build social capacity, gives confidences to community and legitimize them as citizens.

In her description everything looks logical and linear, perfect. It is like a snowball, you click and the thing grows, one touch the other that touch the other, like the video that Sadiqa posted in the beginning of the blog. It is process that you just need to have the first flick and it moves by it owns.

But it is predictable like this? What happen if after the first flick the mechanism doesn’t move? Maybe because the place is different or time is different. Does it happen equally in every community? Is Baan Mankong flexible enough to adapt to changes? What are the surprises that the programme came across and how they deal with it?

We might have some surprises and of course we will have to be flexible to adapt to changes, changes of our paradigms, change of strategies, change in the programme…I will not be looking for the wart of Baan Mankong but I will be relieved when its appears.

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