The longest journey?

Since day-1 of research of BM with my peers, I was relieved to see that my previous questions matched theirs and that was the steppingstone for a goal oriented journey (even though, after yesterday’s 2nd-interim presentation feedback, said goal doesn’t appear refined enough…it’s a work in progress). By ‘journey’ what I really mean is learning-process, with highs and low but nonetheless enlightening!

I am anxious to meet more polished answers and fillers to the gaps we identified over the months. I am positive that being on the ground, in Bangkok, will turn around my judgment of the case as until this point it has been based on ‘limited literature’ and many assumptions. And this turnaround will begin as from tomorrow. The journey continues!!


About mairamandrade

I'm an UCL student doing a master degree in 'Building and Urban Design in Development' at the Development Planning Unit.
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