เที่ยวแพร่งภูธร แพร่งนรา แพร่งสรรพศาสตร์Going back to my country is not excited me as much as the fact that I am going to work on the area where I love so much since it is full with my childhood memories. My grandmother used to lived just 1 km. away from Wat Ratchanatda the community and I used to visit her every weekend. This placewas my playground where I was playing tag on the Temple ground and shooting rubber dolls in temple fairs (It like a carnival). My father favorite ‘Pat Thai’ restaurant is also next to Phom Mahakharn community (MahaKharn Fortress) or called by Thai ‘Pratu Pei’ which mean ghost door. The name comes from the fact that this place was used for dump bodies from inside the city wall or war.

As an immigrant from china, my grandmother rented a house from one of the oldest housing in Bangkok. It is a two-story role house provide by the King at that time. First floor was used as a dinning room, Living room and workshop in the same space with one toilet at the back. Second floor is a bedroom floor with small kitchen at the back. Thought she moved out of this house long ago before I was born, she still kept the house since the rent is very low an fixed to the old contact from the King which cannot be change as long as my family still renting the house. (her new house was close and she use this one as a shop) Most of the neighbor also did the same thing. They seem like a very big family, especially for my mother generation who moved out far away but often come back to take care the house and enjoy each other company often every month.

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