After a term full of hectic schedule, a refreshing holiday and a tightly packed presentation later, I have been pushing myself to write this blog for a while now. But now as I write it the day before our departure to Bangkok, I realize that this is probably the best time to think back and reflect. A lot of thought and energy went into recalling our previous work and producing our strategies for the BM programme; even more into organizing an efficient plan for the trip so that we make the most out of our time there.

The very talked about and successful project that we have built up through our readings has turned into reality for the first time with the introduction of the 6 sites. As a group we divided ourselves into these sites based on the specific physical and social characteristics. Introduction of the spatial element has definitely added an extra dimension into our perception of the case and the community. The feedback session with Camillo after the presentation was a stroke of realization on the gaps in our thought process and highlighted the issues we hadn’t touched upon. It is now time to put all the months of reading and findings together  and ground it to the very reality of being there, being sensitive to everything around to get the real picture with the hope of finding answers to a lot of questions.

Bags are packed, mind is set; can’t wait to be there. Especially looking forward to the unique experience of living with the community. This is definitely going to be a great insight into the intricacies of the lives of the people, their activities and the surroundings they live in. Hoping the experience is going to be there with us a long way after we are back to our studio in London and along our professional careers.

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