Bangkok calling

The night before the 12 hour flight to Bangkok; ordinarily this would seem like a long flight but the time has already been allocated equally between dissertation reading, Bangkok reading and group work, maybe some sleep might creep in there too.

Unusually for me I am reasonably well prepared for the trip.  I have managed to organise myself and buy essentials today, namely a suitcase (I was getting slightly worried that I would have to pack my belongings into a large bin bag and hope for the best!).

I am a cross between nerves and excitement – this is the first time I have travelled further east than India and also the first field trip of this kind I have ever been on so not exactly sure what to expect (other than intense heat and mosquitos), I am looking forward to getting stuck in and especially to meeting the community at Pasi Chalern.  It will be interesting to see how we will navigate such a large site.  The community have expressed a specific interest in the issue of land and eviction.  This is an extremely interesting and highly complex.  I have high hopes that adding the extra dimension of being on site will give a greater understanding and help to uncover the hidden layers of the case.

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