Almost there

Today I remembered sticky rice with Mango and the beautiful fragrant flowerchains that are sold in Bangkok.

Over this week, with each day of preparation-sessions, excitement and some nervousness about the gaps that are still to be filled increased, so that I almost forgot that we are also visiting an amazing city.

Tomorrow will be my second flight to Bangkok and the visit will be a completely new experience. Apart from the fact that we are visiting as 40+ DPUians and as professional students a difference is that the previous time the words informality or low-income community didn’t really mean much to me. I looked back at my photos to remember better but am not sure if I have actually been in informal settlements or not. Probably yes, but the places were then just different parts of the city for me and maybe that’s still a good starting point.

With all the new knowledge and reading as a background I am curious to find out in what new ways I will see Bangkok now and how the city has changed.

Going back to my photos I also remembered one of the huge contrasts I came across: Taking a lift from the crowded streets through an empty office tower to this bar on the open roof with a view over the whole city and nothing but a standard glass ballustrade between people and the edge of the tower.

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