Ready to go?

Caren finished the first session after the Spring break with these question: “Ready to go?”

It is a simple question but was exactly what I had in mind during my break, what does that mean? What get prepare for this trip means? We are getting prepared since February: reading articles, discussing, having million thousands of group meeting, producing presentations, having lectures, taking vaccinations, preparing our three beach days and having Thai lessons sent by Dhrin. Thanks Dhrin!

Was it supposed to be the preparation for the field trip? So I am feeling ready to go! But then, after all this preparation I asked myself, what exactly are we going to do in Bangkok? To be honest I didn’t know during the break.

Are we going to follow an upgrading program in a community driven by CODI? Are we going to investigate how CODI operates not from articles but closely? Are we going to check if CODI has been transformative or not? If Yes, how?

I am very glad that we had three more days to discuss, come up with criteria’s and strategies for the field. Things are getting clear as we get close to our travel day.
In Bangkok everyday will be a lot of information, the meeting with Somsook, the visit to Baan Mankong project, the visit to NHA project, the site visits. From all these input I want to answer questions and I hope that this process of getting close and getting clear continues exponentially. I want to assess our definition of transformation not only to the programme but to myself. Is it applicable to a person? If it is to a worm why not to me?

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