The first meeting after the easter break [28-APR-11]

It’s been a long process of creating a suitable definition for the term, transformation. Starting with a group brainstorm session of words that came to mind when we spoke of transformation, youtubing videos of metamorphosis and catalytic reactions to googling the existing definitions of the term, the task seemed more arduous than I thought it’d be. There were a few buzz words that stuck throughout the process that we had all agreed upon. These were- catalyst, irreversible and process rather than product. Pressed for time, and struggling to find the right criteria that would measure our definition of transformation, the final cut of this as seen in the interim presentation lacked ‘umph’ and explanation. I admit that for myself, the slight obsession with trying to make the video presentation come together left me not looking into the content as much, and so I sometimes lost sight of what we were trying to achieve out of all this. It’s easy to get trapped according to time limitations and schedule that sometimes, its easy to forget to keep questioning the ideas we have thought of.

Fortunately, after the relatively restful Easter break, we all came together and began to rework our definition and our criteria effectively. It seemed as though we were starting from scratch, however, I think we needed to have had that lengthy thought process, brainstorm, discussions over long hours; in addition to that break we had to really come up with something that was clean cut and seemingly abstract at a glance, but would help us in reworking our criteria…And we’re getting there!

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