Is formalization a necessity?

A reading by Saral Teilhet-Waldorf and William.H.Waldorf highlights the contrasts between the self employed in the informal sector and the unskilled laborers in the formal sector. It was surprising to note the trend in Bangkok where more people were becoming part of the formal sector inspite of the fact that the earnings of the informal sector is much more than the formal sector .We have also already gone through the high productivity of the informal sector of livelihood in Dharavi. This led me to question the need of formalizing in such a society and the reasons for such a trend.

Throughout the process of our actor mapping and defining our criteria, we uncovered various relationships with such formal and informal actors. Videos of Bangkok showed a similar scenario which showcased the denial of people towards formality. Why are communities/individuals against or for formalization? How does it transform their lives?

I would want to explore this dynamic existence of informality within a formal setting in while on the site. A first hand opinion from the community I believe will be enlightening. Excited to be there!

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