The Possible Synthesis of the Cultural Syntax

For the last eight months we have revised a great number of theories and approaches utilized in development. All too often we have seen the effectiveness of participatory processes and how these processes translates the cultural richness of a given development initiative, thus, inducing an environmental synthesis that is a derivative of a spatial, environmental, cultural and social ethos.  

On the other side of the coin, recently I have been revisiting my previews academic and professional work in regards to strategic and long term environmental observation, and how this system can elaborates complex data of the cultural syntax. In addition, during my recent visit to the School of Architecture + Community Design of the University of South Florida I was invited to revise the thesis project of one of my old students, where the student documented social patterns of behavior for the term of several months in Havana Cuba. During this exercise the student was not only able to elaborate detailed patterns of usage but creates links between culture and built form, synthesizing the cultural syntax. Thus, raising my curiosity of combining environmental patterns of behavior along with participatory methods to create a parallel comparative approach to development.

I have to acknowledge, at the verge of this new academic effort in Bangkok, I would like to further explore the environmental patterns of usage of the assign areas and explore the possibilities of this data translating or echoing to our field studies.

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